Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome to A Bro Blog

I started this blog so that I could document and share my experiences with Bro-IDS.

I'm beginning to distribute the scripts that I have written over time to detect various issues on our network (I work here). To help distribute the scripts and allows others to work on them with a shared version control repository, I created an account at GitHub. That should allow people to grab my scripts, make changes, and then push their changes back to me for inclusion in the main set of analysis scripts. Here's my github repository. I'll be documenting many of the scripts that are and will be in that repository here as I have time.

Hopefully I will be able to convince more people to run Bro through this blog too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Seth! I look forward to keeping up with what you post and have to share...All the best!!

mish said...

hey Seth,I installed bro-1.5.3 on ubuntu 10.04..but it did nt generated policy folder in /usr/local/bro/ directory..wht is the prolem?

poonam said...
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poonam said...

hey seth.....i am trying to install bro on red hat linux 5,but it is showing configuration problem,please help me out,this is really important for my thesis